【Stable Diffusion】5Ways to Monetize Using the Latest Image Generation AI

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Hello, this is Yuki a student engineer.

I recently used the latest image generation AI called Stable Diffusion 2 and was surprised at the very high accuracy of the images.

In this article, I would like to introduce the current status of image generation AI, its advantages, disadvantages, and how to monetize it.


Stable Diffusion 2

This is the result of generating images using the image generation model published in Stable Diffusion 2.

First, we asked the client to draw an alien.


It drew a cuter image of an alien than I expected.

We will also try to see if we can generate images of impossible situations in reality.


A human being is running in a river? The image of a human running in a place like a river has been created.

With a huge amount of training data, it is possible to create images of situations that are impossible in reality.

If such image-generating AI develops, there is a great possibility that it will surpass human capabilities.

Advantages of Image Generation AI

Image generation AI can generate large numbers of images. This improves efficiency when creating designs and advertisements by providing a variety of options.

Image generation AI can generate images for specific purposes. For example, when designing a logo or product packaging, images can be generated to match a specific theme or color scheme.

Image generation AI can generate sophisticated images that would be difficult for humans to create manually. For example, it can generate 3D models and precise scientific illustrations.

Disadvantages of Image Generation AI

Image generation AI can be of inferior quality to images that can be created manually by humans. This may result in reduced production efficiency when creating professional designs and advertisements, as quality images cannot be generated.

Image generation AI may not have a unique style or taste compared to human-generated images. This may result in images that are less original and less attractive than human-generated images.

Image generation AI can generate a larger volume of images than a human could manually produce, which can result in duplicate images. This can make managing images more time-consuming.

Now let me explain how to monetize using image generation AI.

License Sales

This is a way to sell licensing fees for integrating image-generating AI into websites or applications owned by companies or individuals.

Subscription-based service

This is a way to have people pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to use image-generating AI.

Advertising Revenue

This is a method of generating revenue by placing advertisements on sites and applications that use image-generating AI.

Marketing Support Services

Provide marketing support services using image-generating AI and earn service fees from companies and individuals.

Data collection

When using image-generating AI, user-generated image data can be collected and used to generate revenue for other uses.

At the end

In this issue, we summarize the current status of image generation AI, its merits and demerits, and how it can be monetized.

We may soon be approaching an era in which people will be praised for the amazing illustrations they create.


Thank you for reading!